'Robust design inspired by Japanese feet'

Thick and wide feet that are common in Japan, emit a sense of hardiness and strength.
We can make the most of these traits to create a robust design.

Distinguished Process

Every aspect of the process is carried out by hand, in order to create a shoe that fits my customer's ideal, down to the finest details. In an age of optimisation, we lose out on that little extra touch that brings a warmth that cannot be achieved with machinery.


It's not just about using tools from back in the 'good old days'.
I sought out genuinely 'good tools', and what we ended up with were antique tools from the Occident. Tools that have adapted an angle over months and years of use, add a touch of softness to finished items.

Creating Together

I do not want to simply make a product, I want to create a story. As a bespoke shoes craftsman, I think that it is of great importance that the customer understands the process, and that they continue to take good care of the shoes after they have been completed. I get to meet people through these shoes, and the shoes contain something from both the shoemaker and the customer. Before long, the shoes begin a story, and a special attachment to them is formed. I want to create special shoes like this working with the customer.