Saito’s path to bespoke shoes

A love of human interaction spurred Saito to pursue the craft of bespoke shoes to excellency.
A spark of interest was ignited during a previous job where he encountered first hand both the fun and difficulties that arise when perspectives meet in the form of human interaction.
His conversations with clients as a salesman left him with a yearning for a deeper connection, and the door to the world of bespoke shoes opened before him right at hat point in his life.
This new world of bespoke shoes was completely unlike the ready-made product cycle that he had been familiar with, and the process of interacting and conversing with a client before proceeding to create their dream shoes fascinated him.
The bespoke method brought him great satisfaction, fitting perfectly his ideal for creating a product, and also as a valuable core principle to carry with him throughout his life.


Toru Saito is from Atsugi City in Kanagawa Prefecture, graduated from university before working in sales at a major cosmetics manufacturing company. It was not long before he was enchanted by the world of shoemaking, and began to study the basics of shoemaking at a cobblers school in Asakusa.
After completing his studies, he began to study other necessary skills and knowledge from Japan's most renowned shoemaker, Hiro Yanagimachi in order to improve his technique and expand his knowledge.
He established his very own brand 'TORU SAITO' in 2014.