A measuring kit and fitting shoes will be sent by post to customers who wish to make an order.

    Foot Measurement

    The customer will measure their feet themselves using the measuring kit provided.

    Fitting Shoes

    Choose the appropriate size from the fitting shoes sent.
    *To be carried out by customer

    Design / Material Selection will be carried out over a Zoom call.

    Design / Material

    Discussion will be held over a Zoom call.

    After the order is confirmed an invoice will be issued by email.


    Payment is to be made online.

    The shoes will be sent by post on completion.

    Difference between Full Order Shoes and Semi-order Shoes

    Full order shoes involve making an original wooden mold, and the shoe production starts after testing a pair of shoes made based on the mold.
    Because of this process, it is necessary to visit the store at least three times (measurement, fitting, and delivery).
    The shoes are made completely by hand.
    Contrarily, ready-made pattern orders can be made using fitting shoes prepared in advance (i.e. without making an original wooden mold).
    The customer trys on the ready-made fitting shoes (24 to 28 cm in 0.5 cm increments, width is available in 3 sizes, Basic / Narrow / Wide) and selects the preferred size.
    Production is carried out after selecting the material and design (select from sample shoes).
    This process requires two store visits, for measurement, and to receive the completed product.
    The shoemaking method includes 9 parts (machines used for some).

    Full Order Shoes
    All original wooden mold, fitting shoes, and final shoes made for each customer.

    [Order Process]
    ①Foot measurement
    ②Design selection (new design can be created from a blank slate)
    ③Material selection
    ④Production of original wooden shoe mold
    ⑤Production of fitting shoes; customer fitting to check comfort and design
    ⑥Work begins on the final shoes

    Semi Order Shoes
    After wearing the ready-made fitting shoes, the customer chooses their preferred size, and selects the design and material (color, etc.)

    [Order Process]
    ①Foot measurement
    ②Design selection (select from sample)
    ③Material selection
    ④Wear fitting shoes and select preferred size
    ⑤Work begins on the final shoes


    First Order basic charge starting from ¥ 200,000 + wooden mold production cost ¥ 50,000
    Repeat Order basic charge starting from ¥ 200,000 + wooden mold production cost ¥ 0

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